Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony

'91 shit. Ahead of it's time. One of the most pioneering songs in British music during the 90s; a thing of multi-layered beauty. And essential to the testament of Hip-Hop (watch the video for fucking visual evidence... MANZ GOT UZI'S BLUD!*). Don't front of Massive Attack or their debut '92 classic 'Blue Lines'. You may get shat on.

And a legendary music video. That tracking shot of Shara Nelson is wonderously sustained. Observe how The Verve emulated this set-up for their '97 video to Bittersweet Symphony below.

P.S. Just kidding about 'Fuck Hip-Hop'. I probably love this shit more than you do. And I might knife you over it one day.

*Fuck a stereotype.

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