I DJ'd. In public. Not properly, there were no decks thankfully, but I've just gotten home from my good friend Tanya's 30th bday party where I made my debut, haha. I have far too much respect for DJs who've learned their craft, invested in music & equipment, and actually know what they're doing to call myself one. I did have a great time though - I think I played for about 4.5 hours with a half hour break!

Lessons learned:

1. Don't get all confused by the requests of randomers for avante garde Shoreditch music you've never heard of or cheesy rubbish - play what you like.
2. Don't assume the young heads will know an old tune you think is legendary. See below.
3. Don't let drunk people touch anything - you, your laptop, or each other when they're dancing nearby.

Favourite overheard quote of the evening:
Q: Oh my god where did you get her I want one?!
A: I don't know, Facebook!

Hold tight Maliha, Fidel & Carina for being dance floor heaters. Hold tight Tanya for throwing the best parties since parties began.