On Sunday night I partied in New York for the first time - I'm on holiday so I'm trying to take a bit of a break from partying but I headed to Downtown Manhattan venue Knitting Factory for the first year anniversary of The Lunchroom, DJ Sucio Smash's night. The Knitting Factory is a multi-room club and the party was downstairs in a dark, grimy basement (promising). The line up included Blu and Mainframe, A.G., Oddisee, Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, P.Casso, Cy Marshall Law and Londons' own Shortee Blitz.

There was some bizarre programming - A.G. went on before P.Casso - I know, I don't know who P.Casso is either and I doubt you'll be hearing much from him considering his performance (FYI there were a few other programming issues and Large Pro was supposedly going to show up for a surprise thing but didn't - which may be his new party piece). Maybe putting acts on at random despite their status and crowd-pulling power is a New York thing. The show was pretty good - wasn't very busy but then underground is underground wherever you go. I left during P.Casso's set due to jet lag, and an overly-bloated line up (let me spit one more reeaalllyyy long freestyle fo y'all...).

What I couldn't get my head around was the crowd - it was a small sea of backpacks and they barely even nodded their heads. The only person who seemed to be really enjoying it was Homeboy Sandman?! I asked about it and was informed that NY heads have become so intellectual about hip hop they've forgotten how to party which I found incredible, but to be honest - they were so dry. I'm about to see if they know how to party in LA (fingers crossed) - in the meantime here's a little clip of Homeboy Sandman from another night, he's considered one of the most prolific performers and energetic hip hop fans in New York. Reminds me of a grime artist.