I feel strange blogging something this amazing. I want to buy it, but Eska is giving it away for free...if you only download one song from this site, one song this week, let it be this one. If you're one of the many thousands who've been waiting for Eska's album to drop - a date for mastering has been set for this Autumn!

Click the player below to download

This one is especially for all you Zimbos out there. I am not a confident Shona speaker let alone writer...Kutaura chiShona kunonetsa stereki??...but I delighted in saying the most ridiculous things to my Mbuya (grand mother) when she was alive. Irony does not really exist in the Shona language so you can only imagine my English sense of humour translated into ridiculous/surreal shonglish...often resulting in her laughing hysterically...which made me so warm inside.

My opening lyric, 'Tino famba tese' is translated, 'We can walk together'.

And on that note...Pamberi ne Zimbabwe!

In the meantime you can catch Eska on tour from September & throughout the rest of the year in the UK & the rest of the world with Zero 7 whose new album "Yeah Ghost" will be released on 8th September, which Eska features on heavily. Head to their myspace for tour dates & to listen to the lead single Medicine Man (ft Eska) which will be out in August. You can also get discounted tour tickets and a free download of 'Everything Up (Zizou)' at www.zero7.co.uk