...and deservedly so. It must be really annoying for an artist when some of your fans make you seem less appealing, and the Brighton beach "chillout" crew definitely had a negative effect on the way I thought about Bonobo's music, as trustafarians played it to death in organic cafes, their friends doing poi outside with... anyway you get the picture - not his fault.

Loving the gorgeous vocals of PMOI favourite Andreya Triana on "Eyes Down", the track in the video above (are birds of prey the thing for 2010?), and I just pinched this rather brilliant free download from NME of "We Could Forever". As if that wasn't enough Ninja Tune sent over a mini mix of the album this morning which you can download HERE.

The album, "Black Sands" is available for pre-order now, I'm really feeling everything I've heard from it so far.