Today I'm dropping the second in our Skype Session series, this time with Hezekiah at his home in Philly. He spoke about writing for Bilal, producing Jaguar Wright & Bahamadia, shared some advice for rappers on songwriting, his (negative) experience at Rawkus, making and misplacing his home porn tapes(!), and his new album "Conscious Porn" which comes out today - he also spit a verse for us and played us some tracks from it.

In the later half Hez plays the single "Hold It Now" which is just crazy so I had to post it for you as a stream below. The album (released today) is easily in my top 5 hip hop albums of 2010 so far, it just makes me want to dance, sing along, screw my face up, sit and think - I would seriously recommend it [iTunes link].