Anna Meredith is a force of nature. In person she's a lovely, hilarious and self-deprecating joy of a woman. On stage she is also all of those things, until the music starts, whereupon she becomes an absolute beast.

A rising experimental star in the contemporary classical music world (she did a 'Prom' this year), Anna also makes genuinely exceptional electronic music, and her new EP Black Prince Fury is one of the most exciting I've stumbled across in years. The single Nautilus is such an epic piece of music, it's utterly overwhelming live. Watching it being performed at the Royal Festival Hall last week was a challenge - no photos or dancing allowed. Her show involves several formidable musicians, an assortment of children's toys through the ages, space-cats, an alligator wearing a NASA vest, live drawing, and the best Celine Dion remix you are likely to ever hear.

I took a step back from electronic music in general a couple of years ago. Often I didn't have the patience to sift through and find artists who were making genuinely unique and original music that wasn't something I could only listen to in a club, something that resonated somewhere a bit deeper. When I first saw Anna live I felt much the same way I did when I first saw Flying Lotus, and promptly invited her to play on our line up at Soundwave Festival in Croatia - possibly before introducing myself. She may not be striving for carefully cultivated anonymity, have too many vowels in her name, and has only a vague awareness of who J.Dilla is, but I would hope her talent would somewhat balance those apparent shortcomings out...

Anna Meredith "Black Prince Fury" EP is out now on iTunes // Limited Edition 12" Vinyl