szjerdene blue lullaby

Szjerdene tends to evoke the same response from everyone I speak to about her, whether it's A&Rs or brand new fans, experimental producers who make albums out of pigs or people who er, don't do that. They all say - *sharp intake of breath* "Her voice!!" It stays with you, as it did with me when I first came across it four years ago.

The single "Blue Lullaby" from her recently released "Patchwork EP" is desperately melancholic, but the beauty of Szjerdene's tone at times made me forget I was sad, and the next moment intensified the feeling almost unbearably. It may have taken her a couple of years to finish and release, but the mark of a good song is its ability to stand the test of time.

The performers I book for Put Me On It Live shows (so far Tanya Auclair, Dego with live band, Szjerdene and Tawiah) make it increasingly difficult to book the next one. I try to catch artists on the cusp of much bigger things, or those willing to do me huge favours, before it's too late and they're selling out huge venues. As I pushed my way through the crowd that night so many people stopped me to ask about Szjerdene and what she's doing next. Working with her gave me the insight that she is very much a perfectionist, so the answer is probably taking her time, which makes it all the more exciting.

Connect: @szjerdene

Purchase: Szjerdene "Patchwork The EP"

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