Mon 20 Jan 2014: PMOI DIY Music Fundraising Workshop

PMOI DIY Fundraising Workshop Flyer  

On January 18th 2013, after receiving a grant from the PRS Foundation and becoming an advisor (a judge) I decided to hold a workshop for a few of my artist friends in the hope it would encourage and help them to apply. Almost exactly a year later, and everyone from that initial workshop who applied for funding from the PRSF got it (Eric Lau won the Individuals Fund, Flako won a Momentum Award, and Tanya Auclair won the Women Make Music Fund), I've published a DIY how to guide, and helped artists and companies to raise just over £40,000 so far (that I know of). 

crop"I've just received a PRSF Women Make Music grant and owe a big thanks to Put Me On It's guidance and advice though the application process. The funding will enable me to devise a new show and my next tour, which are really important next steps for me. I've learnt a lot about how to present my creative ideas - in ways other than sound! - and plan a tour, which are such valuable tools for any independent artist."

- Tanya Auclair (PRSF Women Make Music)

"Many thanks for your help! Your advice really helped to understand the application process and overall funding scheme."

- Flako (PRSF Momentum Fund)

It was a world I knew relatively little about despite having worked on the Roundhouse Development team on a £30m capital project - I just assumed funding was only available for big arts organisations. I've now judged hundreds of applications for the PRSF and the Musicians Benevolent Fund, have a good relationship with the Arts Council and a pretty clear understanding of what makes an application successful. I wish I had more time to help people through the process but this is a very small part of what I do - so with funding deadlines looming I'm running a workshop for anyone who wants to attend - artists, managers, booking agents, record labels, promoters etc. I'll walk you through what kind of funding to apply for and when, what funders are looking for, and confusing jargon. My aim is to de-mystify the process.

PMOI DIY Music Fundraising Workshop Bootstrap Company, The Print House 18 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL Limited earlybird tickets £10/ £15 adv (sold out)

**Please note that this workshop is independently run by PMOI and is not affiliated with any funding bodies