Heads up: Gecko Turner - Monosabio Blues (Philip Owusu Remix ft Eska)

I'm on downtime in my office in Singapore. And you're damn right, I feel pretty good about being about to say that. More deets about my Singaporean residency in my Facebook notes or my myspace blog...

Anyway - had the latest Synflood mix playing the background while planning this evening's workshop, when I came across Philip Owusu's remix of Gecko Turner's Monosabio Blues. That's Philip Owusu of Hannibal & Owusu, responsible for 'Living With Owusu & Hannibal' which is number one contender for my "album-which-most-captures-everything-that-was-good-about-the-spirit-of-80s-popular-soul-which-wasn't-actually-made-in-the-80s" award. The remix is true to the form they set on the album, and with Eska blessing the track, laying down my 79 for an instant download was a no-brainer.

The original's available for play on the official Gecko Turner site, but the the remix takes the cake, hands down. Turner's on the latin inflected soul tip. It's a welcome sound for me, since I recently fell back in love with Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser.

Speaking of the 80s, I'm feeling a little nostalgic. Duran Duran, anyone? Where's my Attica Blues remix of "Girls on Film"...? ;)