not until you've listened to Rakim on a rocky mountain top...

khy boogie diggin in the youtube crates, cos that's what I do best...

Devo Springsteen

what? a new wave 80's soft rock tribute band? no. signed John Legend to Kanye West’s GOOD Music label. produced songs for The Last Poets, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Rhymefest, Estelle, Consequence, and won the Best Rap Song Grammy in 2006 for his production of “Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)” .

I like him cos he produced common's misunterstood

using nina simone


Ayatollah is a Hip-Hop producer from Queens, New York who has produced for predominantly New York-based rappers including R.A. The Rugged Man, Tragedy Khadafi, Wordsworth, Vast Aire, Afu-Ra, Guru, M.O.P., Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah as well as many others. R.A. the Rugged Man had said in an interview that he was the first person to ever buy a beat from Ayatollah.

I like Ayatolla cos he did one of my and your favourite tracks, ms fat booty

with aretha frankiln - one step forward

tenuous marvin link

read that your mum partied at marvins, put home is where the hatred in my head as that was the last marvin song i heard, simon played it on 7" at vibe bar before i started djing [reggae... =)]

anyways the best version is gil scott herons, one of my all time favourite tracks, sampled by kanweezy...

kanye on prod, com on mic, sampling gil...

o.g. and best... song is mad depressing but beautiful...

music of many colors

i need this, nuff said. but to say more would be a random night before easter friday at brents mates house behind jaguar shoes, dude had a small record collection but total quality, prince, michael jackson, fela kuti, roy ayers, gil scott heron. i am now on the hunt for the 12"

"I don't rap, i explain shit real good..."

skillz live w/ the roots, just found the vid for this today but loved the track since hearing it on a dj premier mix, he also did ghostwriter on rawkus back in 2000 which i was feeling then. check it out, pretty dope...

dunno who produced it but i think it's pretty interesting to sample sly's bro, frank stallone, who woulda thought he'd actually be such a good singer but would probbaly never got a break if his brother didn't get rocky produced... i'm sure producer just had soundtrack lying around for sample ideas but i like the idea of the full circle, me seeing rocky as a kid, not even remembering the song, hearing skillz on premier sampling rocky!

frank stallone says

kids these days

yeah i know, i'm old...

but this is worth going direct to the you tube page for the comments alone. but if you can't be arsed basically the kids think joe cocker ripped off california love to make woman to woman, well, it's funny to me and maybe shan, peanut and paz...

but played out and as commercial as it got, dre is a dope sampler and i don't know anyone who doesn't like this

had this in my head for time, thanks zen cuts...

"not until you've listened to Rakim on a rocky mountain top
have you heard hip hop
extract the urban element which created it
and let a open wide country side illustrate it..."

this captures perfectly how i feel about hip hop, as a white kid growing up in inner city sydney, australia, i totally felt this music i was so far removed from, as did a generation. now hip hop is getting close to 4 generations. it's stuck with me but i've not always stuck with it, retreating to the softer, more comforting, less confronting confines of soul music, with tales of broken hearts and loves lost.

but hip hop is something very special and alive and there is nothing like listening to it ,on headphones as most people did when growing up, not enough money for a stereo or car so you walk or wait for the bus, with poetry and a beat in your ear.

saul williams really is the man

we are a generation void of leaders, we nod our head when the beat drops yet fail to recognize when we have fallen...

i'm a bit cut i didn't go see saul with you last year ameila.. can i just say i am very sad rakim has cancelled all 3 dates at jazz cafe at the end of the month. =( i was gonna go all 3! although LOOKOUT! is on the thursday, so I couldn't have made that one anyways, lets hope he reschedules, he's number one of my list of hip hop greats to see, done seen big daddy kane already but i'd go again...

looking forward to the new Roots album everyone is talking about, their 10th! Rising Down - due for release 29th of this month on def jam, gusts include peedi peedi, loved his new version of brand new funk, another all time favourite, and malik b and maybe dice raw, wale, lupe and styles p all possible to guest on Rising Down too.

still not copped the new badu, heard mixed reports, but i checked the healer on amelia's recommendation and i'm feeling it. does she say 'this is for dilla' in the intro? ah yes she does, and it's madlib on production. the criticism i heard was that she doesn't sing enough, or it's not enough like her old albums, but how much responsibility do artists have to give the people what they want as opposed to be true to themselves?

i put a web link here the the imeem site for the healer but links don't seem to be working, are you able to amend admin amelia?

meth and red postponed till tuesday 15th of april at shepherds bush empire, works for me! meth ws definitely the highlight of the wu tang show, aside from wu all being on stage at once ad pretty much on time, meth was the most vocal and charismatic and stage dived a lot, lost a shoe and brought stringer bell from the wire out who's apparently a hackney lad.

oh yeah new atmosphere lp coming out - When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold. not got my hands on it yet...

that's it from me for now, i'll try limit my posts to weekly. peace out yall