Late... As usual...

Right folks, it's that time where I give your souls what they've been lacking. I've recently been listening to a lot of Nujabes, a producer/DJ from Japan, famous for his contributions to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack. I can't understand how cats like this get minimal recognition for the amount of work they put into their music. This man is nothing short of genius. He has four solo releases under his belt, all leaving me in complete awe! I'll tease you with a few joints off various releases but it's down to you to do your homework and really find out what he's about! 

Sky Is Falling ft C.L. Smooth (the music drowns Mr Penn's vocals a bit on this one but it's amazing still)

Luv(sic) ft Shing02 (Shing02 being a long term collaborator of Nujabes. There's four different versions of this song... all amazing... and I was deliberating over which one I should share with y'all. This version isn't my favourite but it's the original and still has the ability keep my finger on the rewind button!)

Funkin' with Fat Jon (a long time favourite of mine)

Seriously people, you'll only be hurting yourselves by ignoring this post so DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!

In other news, I had a request to post my version of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's 'Sankofa'. It's slightly faster and a bit clearer than the previously posted version... 

Until next time, kids. There's plenty more goodies on the way. Soon come... Soooooon come!