Let's do the time warp again

Josephine here, reporting for duty.

Just to let you know, I very much doubt that I will be posting any new shit on here. I'm stuck in a kind of musical time warp and only really listen to stuff that's at least fifteen years old and has matured like fine wine. I also still wear click suits and do the running man at clubs.

My love for old school classics over new school ones isn't me being a snob. There is just so much amazing music that has been produced over the last century and I'm struggling to keep up with that. I can't handle new shit too. I can't even really listen to the radio if it's playing new music. It stresses me out. I'M NOT READY FOR YOU! I'M IN 1976 RIGHT NOW! LEAVE ME IN PEACE! LEAVE ME IN PEACE!!!

So I'm content to discover new old stuff. And a track that I discovered last week that is being rinsed to death on my system is this: 'Whatcha Gonna Do' by Heaven and Hell Orchestra. I can't really find much about the group itself on the internet but who cares, just listen and savour those hypnotic grooves....

(I must confess that I feel a little uncomfortable giving out links to download music, so take this as a gift while I figure out a reliable audio streaming service...)

Heaven and Hell Orchestra - Whatcha Gonna Do