So I Guess I Have To Choose...

Sharing my thoughts on music has always been something of a second nature to me and I guess mentioning music videos comes with describing a song worth discussing. Music videos becomes a visual representation of the song, however, whether it is the artist's or the director's insight is another story..when i regard a music video a 'good' video....i look at how it entwines with song and how it takes me to that place...I don't really spend hours searching for music videos and there are so many that I've forgotten....that doesn't mean i disregard the song as well....just that the video gives me someone Else's vision of the song...

I agree with Amelia on the fact that it is an underdeveloped art form- why should music be considered an art form yet the video that visually represents it just merely exists?

I started searching for videos that totally evoked me and i came up with so many..I guess these would be the list of 'runners up'...

In NO particular order:

- Busta Rymes, "Woo- Ha! Got you all in check"- 1996, Directed by Hype Williams
- PortisHead, "Only You"- 1997, Directed by Chris Cunningham
- Cee-Lo, "Closet Freak"- 2000, Directed by Brian Beletic
- Ghostface Killah, "Cherchez LaGhost"- 2000 (Can't find the friggin director's name)
- Dj Shadow, "Six Days"- 2002, Directed by Wong Kar-Wai
- System Of A Down, B.Y.O.B- 2006, Directed by Jake Nava
- Kate Bush, "Wuthering Heights"- 1978 (Yes i did type HER, God Bless cheese music)
- KMD, "PeachFuzz"- 1991

& this last runner up alongside the PortisHead video i mentioned requires you to look spatially at how and where the videos were the eye follows the lens and what subject matter is displayed and evoked by the surrounding background. The space shot on the last scene of the video is the climax of the whole video itself and something special....there's some architecture in everything bitches!

I'm rambling on about this video...

The Postal Service, "Sleeping in"- 2003, Directed by Elliot Chan.

....It was excruciatingly painful to select one of my faves but at long last I remembered the one video that followed me through my early teens. One of my all time favourite songs ( I dunno why it took me so long to remember how good the video ACTUALLY was) here it is...*drum roll*

.....Great ya?

It is of course Read Hot Chili Peppers- Around The World 1999 by St├ęphane Sednaoui

One of my all time favourite videos from one of my all time favourite bands.
There's no hidden psychological headf*cks...exactly what it says on the title....a simple but effective video that represents nothing more then how good the band work together, how unique and chaotic they sound visually. I've always loved how quirky the band are and I guess it was time in their career to film some more 'serious' videos for their songs, the video works because it still shines their personality and performance qualities without that pretentiousness (ya know the ones you get from musicians who want to 'evolve' so they flop over to the extreme opposite so fans will perceive them differently).
The video is a little bit more weak then the other videos i mentioned as runners up but i think a good video doesn't need to be as thought-provoking as it's supposed to be, it's supposed to represent the music and i think this video represents the style totally.
The song is notable for it's highly distorted bass riffs (yes I did Wikipedia that shiz) and is from their second album, Californication.

There are so many videos i wanted to list and i really wanted to talk further on the runner ups...but maybe that's for posts to come. Bless you Amelia for provoking me to look back in my music archive shelved at the back of my brain for music videos I took a fancy to.

This is ShhhSheSmilez reporting on her very first post ever, over and out.