The Upgrade...

OK this post may have to change depending on what I'm allowed to put up...leaked by Spine Magazine & now kicking around all over the internet for free download is the new

J-Live tune The Upgrade ft Oddisee & Posdanous (of De La Soul). Word is they're making a video for it too (ahem, all conjecture of course). It's taken from J-Live's new album Then What Happened? set for release on BBE May 26th - and it features production from just one or two people -
Oddisee, Chali 2na, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, DJ Nu-Mark, Evil Dee for Da Beatminerz, Nicolay, Marco Polo, Probe DMS, Yallzee, Locsmif, Kenny Keys, Cap D and Usef Dinero...I'm really looking forward to catching J at Cargo on 17th May & copping the new album - I might even buy it! Since it was leaked with permission I'm going to stick The Upgrade on here for you (click the link!). I might see if I can get Oddisee to post a l'il more about it - i.e. what he's chatting about in his verse - apparently it was aimed at DC (J-Live had to get him to write it out to understand it). Enjoy!