The Onetaste collective is in my opinion one of the most ridicuously talented groups of artists this country has produced in a very long time. I have no idea how to describe them (I always say to Tanya from Elova it just feels like 'good for you' music). Part of the reason this lot are so special is that they are also some of the loveliest people this country has produced in a very long time. I've just been sent this link and I sat there squeaking at the screen and jumping around. They're on a festival tour again this summer with the Chaiwallah tent and if you don't try and catch at some point then you are really stupid.

Just in case you can't tell from the clips (and a couple of 'em are missing) the crew behind it all includes: Jamie Woon (I still have Wayfaring Stranger on rpt, he's such a badman), Polarbear (even if you hate spoken word you will love Mr Bear - come see him at the Southbank too in July), Elova (new album dropping very soon - try not to let your pee out with excitement), Inua Ellams (spokenwordartistactorgraphicdesignerwriterandeverythingelse artist currently taking over the world, probably will have done so completely by the end of the year), Portico Quartet (they're just incredible - and if you don't agree I recommend you stay away from me), MC Xander (amazing multivocalist - have you ever shocked out harder to a beatboxer than a soundsystem?), David J the vocal pugilist (before we talk about his talent I have to say he's one of the most special people I know - I love Mr J), Tawiah (I stalk her just in case she starts singing), Jono McCleery (he actually makes you cry it's so beautiful - no but really, and men too). That's not all of them but I will go on forever. I have never met her but I have to say the lady who puts it all together is called Dannii and she deserves a knighthood.
See you at the jazz cafe gig on Thursday 12th June unless you don't like good music. (Buy your ticket soon - last one sold out fast). Obviously.