Dirty old town, dirty old town...

I grew up in many places - it went Oxford, Brighton, Warri (Delta State, Nigeria), Oxford, Shoreham By Sea, London. Of all of those places Shoreham was the worst. It was the kind of place where many of it's inhabitants had never gone on the epic (15 minute) train journey to Brighton because it was too expensive and frightening. Think Little Britain/ League of Gentlemen - their most popular band was called 'Local's Only'. As you can imagine my sister and I had many interesting adventures there and were known as 'Cleopatra Comin Atcha' (we had braids). We were also informed that we resembled Whoopie Goldberg, Busta Rhymes and poo. Lovely place.

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Well today Ty posted a note about a website with a page entitled BLACK CELEBRITIES WHO DIED WITH LITTLE OR NO FANFARE. On it was this article:

Doreen Waddell, a former vocalist with the groups Soul II Soul and KLF, died in a traffic accident, apparently after running from a store where she had been accused of shoplifting, police said. She was 36.

Waddell died March 1, 2002 after she was hit by cars on a highway in Shoreham in southern England, Sussex police said. It took several days to identify her body.

Police said it appeared she had been running from a supermarket after being confronted about shoplifting. She was struck by three cars on the nearby A27 highway and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Goods from the store were found scattered across the road.

Waddell, who used the stage name Do'reen, sang on the influential British dance band's best-selling 1989 album "Club Classics Volume I'' and was lead vocalist on the songs "Feel Free'' and "Happiness."

Further research reveals she was chased from Tesco at the Holmbush Centre (my sister used to work at M&S there), and that she had to be identified by finger printing she was so badly injured. It does seem we all look the same to people in Shoreham though. I actually left in 2001 for Uni but my sister was still there - we never heard about it, it's a tiny place and quite literally NOTHING ever happens there. We were also big fans of Soul II Soul. All I can find is this article in the Argus (local rag chatting her business) If that's not little or no fanfare I really don't know what is.