Estelle...I'm sorry

Dear Estelle,

Please forgive me for not bigging up talented British talent like yourself but if you'll just watch this video, you'll understand why I'm apologising.

Your loyal fan (and fellow Grenadian)

Gabi xx

Just before and post my fake letter, I'll let you in on something - I really am anti-radio at the moment. My ipod is full of podcasts and random instrumentals that I can rhyme over while I plan my future rap career (Fiddy and Lady Sov better watch OUT). At work they play Xfm which isn't my favourite but I can deal with it.

Anyways, before I divorced my radio I was really into Radio 1's Live Lounge with Jo Whiley (Lupe singing Superstar with Matthew Santos...was simply amazing), and was quite surprised when I saw that Sam Sparro had done a cover of Estelle's 'American Boy'.
I'm not going to go into my views on 'funky white boys who sing like black people' rant because it's not worth is but I love this guy.

I always feel a little bad when a cover of a song sounds better than the original but DAYUM SAM! (Okay, apart from the weird rap part, this song is just dope). White men might not be able to jump but this white boy can SING!

Check it out: