Hot tips for the future...

Somethings up with the links & the page was messed up today - here's part 2 of that post....

I give you two at opposite ends of the spectrum. They're coming up so allow the video quality...obviously you have to see them live to really get it!

LUSH I first saw her at Lookout and she blew me and everyone else away completely (so I brought her back to rock my 25th birthday!). You only get a vague idea of her raw energy in this clip - she's really rare and special.

Jono McCleery first saw him at the Onetaste Festival last year and within seconds I had to go and hide to compose myself because I just totally dissolved - I mentioned him last post but wanted to show a little clip. The video gives you 1% of the richness of his voice live.

To finish off neatly here's a link to my favourite live recording. Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye from 1973s Let's Get It On - I can't post the youtube link because it's all 70s and cheesy - the concert in my head is way better. I occasionally let out a scream as though I were there when I listen to this.

OK people - hit me up!