How We Fall In Love; A 'Put Me On It' poll to satisfy a curious mind

I'm lead to start this post by stating that I have no standards, when it comes to love or art I let myself get whisked away. Whisked until a girl can't be whisked (away) anymore.
I'm still to figure out where my 'point of no return' is located, because I can't remember the point at which I became a musician, or a composer, or a vocalist nor the the times before I fell well deep into music and sonic arts.
I have been digging deep and not so deep. Poking and prodding and turning myself inside out to try and track the little girl with no musical history before the muses took over. I wonder if anyone else is in or curious about this place/frame of mind....

So tell me guys, what are your stories?
What was your journey like?
Who did you meet along the way?
When did you know that you didn't want to do anything else?

I look forward to your responses.