OutKast. The real kings of the South.

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I couldn't care less what T.I., Rick Ross, L'il Wayne or anyone else has to say for themselves - OutKast will always be the kings of the South to me. I've been listening to them a lot again lately, I'm missing them...most of the current cohort of Southern rappers are missing the intelligence, funk and fun that for me marks the difference between some humourlessinanehomogenisedgangsterbollocks that I find virtually unlistenable and the beautifuluglyhypercreativedirtysouthsoundscapes I'll listen to forever. I'm not technically qualified to say that in some eyes because I'm not from there but for me music is universal - I don't feel ownership or more connection because music is from a particular place, if it's instrumental or if it's in a language I don't speak - I just get it or I don't.

All I know is they have one album left on the LaFace contract which is meant to be happening after solo projects. It could be a bit of a wait. I'm going to put up a couple of my favourites from OutKast & the Dungeon Family in case god forbid you haven't got them...

Rosa Parks
from Aquemini (obv)- my favourite OutKast track of all time.
I Can't Wait, Sleepy Brown ft OutKast from the Barbershop 2 soundtrack
Get Rich to This by the Goodie Mob, I've been dancing around my room secretly to this for almost 10 years, sorry but Cee-Lo can do no wrong in my eyes. Dungeon Fam for life babay!