I don't want it - if it's brand new!

I haven't seen anything really new that's made me go rah! for a while. Here's some old -new stuff I am feeling.

Pharoah Monch threw a couple of verses over Erykah's The Healer - maybe this means I'll hear it in a club?! It's not too slow, don't argue. Practice your moves with it - click here *No idea why they just get bored & fade it out at the end but you get the drift, sorry!

Here's a guy called Shawn Jackson I know very little about but quite like. This album cover's saying something to me even though it's a little bit contrived - I just like its old skool vibe & the Marvin reference.
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Here's his video - Feelin' Jack...correct, I am feelin it.

?uestlove has a new BLOG on okayplayer. Nothing new about him or okayplayer but this post made me love him all the more...

….for real nigga’s who aint got no feelins…
By ?uestlove
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its 5:21am.
and i don’t know how to cry anymore.
that shit depresses me to no end.
this aint some being mellowdramtic to be mellowdramatic shit.
i want to cry.
i was taught long ago that if i enter this game of constant competition
and competitiveness and dog eat dogness and getting your soul sucked
and 25 hour workdays and long un-approving looks in the mirror and anxiety
and constant judgment—i better numb the shit outta myself.

i mean i saw no harm in that.

sheeeeit if anything it borderline helped my sanity all the years that i too was wondering
“what the fuck we gettin slept on for”*

but now? i dunno.

Lastly my favourite of the bunch - Janelle Monae. Been around for a little while but I haven't heard much about her over here. This girl is incredible quite frankly - ignore the rest of the post if you must and just watch this...

Maybe I'm getting old.