Szjerdene can SING. In case you didn't know.

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I have no problem with Duffy, Adele, Winehouse (yes I've seen the latest but that's another post I can't be arsed to write) etc etc singing soul music. However - I am concerned about the gaping hole in the industry where all the successful black artists should be doing their thing too...well, luckily Szjerdene has arrived to sort it out. I've heard about her & listened on myspace but never seen her live. Tonight I did. If nothing happens in the UK with talent like this in the near future I'm moving country, it would be too unbearable. This girl can SING.

Favourite lyric: What am I doing now? Yamming on some forbidden fruit...
taken from Damaged Goods. Sorry if I misquoted that but it resonated with me & my mental faculties went a bit hazy at that point.