Y'all don't like live music?

Sorry, 3+ jobs makes for light blogging.
Last time I had an opinion on here I got cussed - but hell it's my blog and I mean no harm. If you know me you know I'm always out - especially if there's live music involved. The 'scene' that I seem to go out in, such as it is, is pretty much hip hoppers and geeky music lovers - you know, people like you. Thing is lately I've been noticing a trend...with any scene you tend to see the same faces - I can tell you a large proportion of who you'll see where without going in. I've been noticing lately though that most of those faces are just missing when it comes to a lot of live shows I go to ...Case in point - a new night called NYLO (New York London innit) started by a lovely lady named Peggy launched on Saturday @ Cargo with performances by Tiombe Lockhart, Hudson Mohawke & Olivier DaySoul. It was dope (Tiombe is a real diva - fire). Where was everyone? I often find myself thinking that. For me, regular DJ nights just can't compete with live music - I'd go to stupid lengths to sniff out live music. Tonight I was supposed to try and make it to Juno for Zubins' Real Hip Hop thing, East Village for the Masta Ace thing, and Deviation (my favourite night). I'm actually not feeling well so I'm just in bed (so I'm itching to be out).
What I need from you guys is to tell me about the sickest live shows you've seen and all the live acts & shows that will stick in your mind forever. I want clips, photos, live recordings of songs - whatever - just take me there.
Some highlights which I'll probably update at some stage:

- James Brown at the Roundhouse October 31st 2006 just before he died. *He did the cape.

-Dwight Trible at Cargo. Everyone in the house found themselves crying it was so beautiful.
- Cinematic Orchestra & Fontella Bass - they recreated the album cover of Every Day in the venue. Fontella was as you might imagine but much better.
- The Essential Festival back in 2000 - James Brown (danced with a dancer held above his head), Slum Village (backflipping off the speakers), & loads of others. *Angie Stone's set got moved to after James Brown, the bastards cut the lights & sound but she had us all sing No More Rain in this Cloud accapela in the dark with her.
- Magic Numbers & Katy Tunstall in a little pub about a year before they got famous
- Carnival 1999 Destinys Child & Lynden David Hall *My boyfriend at the time butted in to me & Katys argument with 'no, he was looking at me!' no homo.
- Little Brother/ Foreign Exchange @ the Jazz Cafe 2006 - Katy & I were pretty much the only girls & it was siiiiick.
- Janet Jackson Velvet Rope Tour
- Oneself at Cargo - Yarah came back out & did FIRE as an encore. I had an asthma attack
- Slum Village @ Jazz Cafe - I should really take an inhaler out with me.
- Ty - every live performance I've seen of his.

I was wondering whether to mention it but Dilla's last gig at the Jazz Cafe - if harrowing - was also very moving. Glad I was there.