Badu in Brixton 2008

Whats good people, this is my first post on here and what better way to report on who I feel is one of the most important artists in music right now. To me it was one her most meaningful performances as she touched on a lot of current affairs which mirrors the mood for album(New Amerykah-4th World War) Highlights include 'The Healer', a great rendition of a traditional Ethiopian song, a cover of the classic RAMP song 'Daylight' and my personal high of the night, 'Otherside of the Game' especially the break down!!!!!!!!!! Check it out here 5.38 in (Footage is not from Brixton but I just wanted to show how sick the switch was!big up Ahu for link).

One thing before i finish this post. I paid nearly 50 british pounds to see Badu last night which is all good coz im willing to pay that however, there was this lady who we happened to be caught next to who talked throughout 90% of the show!!!! I really dont get it. I mean she wasnt even looking at the stage! 'Did you see my friend on Facebook!' RA RA RA RA RAHHH!!!!!! WOMEN! ERYKAH IS SINGING HER HEART OUT FOR YOU AND YOU PAID 50 QUID!!!!!! MAKE THE MOST OF IT! GOTDAMNIT!

Thank you Erykah for being responsible with your music. Feeling inspired indeed,