Connection is everything

I just saw a trailer for a film called The Visitor. No idea how it totally slipped under the radar, it actually came out in April. I am prone to eye-water issues and I must admit I was a bit saline by the end if this.

You can watch a better quality version on the site.

I can't play any instruments (unless you count recorder) but I had a wonderful experience at the lovely Tanya from Elova's party...I walked in to a room full of amazing musicians largely from Onetaste, was handed a little wooden thing I don't know the name of, and Katy and I proceeded to make our contributions to Black Gold of the Sun and Hit The Road Jack! I then made my way through a cowbell, tambourine, and several bongo drum things. One of the most magical nights of my life. The last party I went to at hers I showed up with J Live, he walked in, grabbed a cowbell and we made our way through the house making loads of noise. I left him there playing bongos at 7am after dancing to loads of swing, jazz, electro pop and Outkast - the system packed up when Carina started playing an amazing hip hop set. The Massage Situation by Flying Lotus killed it - literally! Apparently J now owes me 5 amazing nights out in New York that one was so good.
I wish we all had more access to musical instruments - at New Year my friend Oscar arrived at the Special Needs party at Lockside Lounge with a bag full of 'shik shaks' which all the crazy off their face people loved and, erm, stole. Just down the road, opposite the Roundhouse my friend Sun runs Ray Mans - one of the most exotic instrument shops in London. I love going in there, Sun can play almost everything there and when he takes you on a tour of the place you never feel like leaving, it's magical. I hope you all go and get him to show you around - there are loads of amazing things you'll have never seen before and lots of them are quite affordable...I'm quite up for taking up the tabla...