Jill Scott Live

OK so tonight Miss Chocolate Bear went to see the lady that is Jill Scott, and as always she made the night an amazing one. She started off with I Just Let It Go to get the crowd started. 

She covered most songs off of her third album but the delivery of them was very different as they had rock elements to it which was all good as it showed us that there are no limits to what this woman can do.  She even did her classic Give Me, which she has never done until this day (going on the basis that I have been to three of her shows over the years) where she made the crowed and the seating area get up on a good foot and boogie down.  

In true Jill Scott style she made the crowed interact by singing the sections which most people know and by doing so gave the whole show a different element altogether.

In the show Jill mentioned that the USA regard "Old School" from 1998 to 2002 and that anything before that doesn't exist, now we all know that for a fact that isn't true and the USA need to sort themselves out you hear me!

As the night progressed she did in true Jill style she would give her advise about life and how you should take on each event that happens as it comes and remember "there is light at the end of the tunnel". 

I must say Jill Scott is an amazing performer who doesn't forget her band and always gets them involved with the show and not just making it about her.

The only problem I had was the 'FAKERS' who have heard the one or two tracks that she has put out trying be true fans, which was mentioned by my friend Jackie on how in a particular section which we will call the blue corner you have the true fans then you the red corner so to speak you have the wanna be fans.

On A whole the night was amazing and the night time she's in town you should go and see her as it is a show that you will not forget.

Enjoy the footage.....(there was meant to be another one but there was a slight problem Oops) 

Until next time people......

Miss Chocolate Bear x