Ty, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley... all on the same stage.... do I need to go on...?

Well I gotta say my apologies first... I know I'm kinda late with this... but had a bit too much going on recently. Still... all good things come to those who wait.. and all that guinesspeak... lol

So... a few weeks back I was lucky enough to go the the 'Stay Black, Stay Proud' gig at the Barbican - it was a James Brown tribute with some of th e original members of JBs, plus TY, Tony Allen, Chikke Lo, Wunmi, Simphiwe Dana, James Morton......

Obviously it was amazing. Obviously you should have been there and obviously you should have heard it for yourself. Sadly I don't have even a bootleg mp3 to play you.... but hopefully you'll get a lil su mthin of the vibes from the pics :)


Fred Wesley

Pee Wee Ellis

Simphiwe Dana

TY with Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis & James Morton