Definitely One Of A Kind

Now, I hate to follow the last post(which is fuckin' awesome by the way) with something so silly but I couldn't resist. I was sitting in my living room with my sister who so fortunately loves flick through various channels and managed to end up on BEN(Bright Entertainment Network) which is basically a cheap afro-caribbean version of MTV. My sisters timing couldn't have been more perfect because as soon as she stopped  flicking we were both looking in awe at what I can only describe as a jamaican reincarnation of Flava Flav... This guy kinda reminds me of them older guys at family parties who had way to much to drink and end up taking over the dance floor, preying on the young girls!! Feast your eyes Leroy Smart and his video for "One Of A Kind" and pay attention to his... umm... dance routine?? Anyways, enjoy!