As you all know by now my current holy grail of music is Mixed Nutz, 1-3pm, Saturdays on Rinse FM. One of my recent texts in to the show read: 'BRAAAAAAPPPPPS! WHAT'S THAT?!' - Alex's phone was blowing up and the tune got a deserved (and fairly rare) re-load. It was for Turn It Up - the new tune from Funkenteller - that those in the know are keeping in their backpockets for official party starting purposes. I became an instant fan. Listen to a clip hurrrr -


Rick Skizzo (aka Funkenteller) is about to drop his PRELUDE TO 2012 EP - he's based in Sweden so I don't know if he's referring to some plan Swedish people have to take over East London before the Olympics (starting with what I have long referred to as Sweditch) - but quite frankly after our lame-ass display at the weekend they're welcome to it.

'Ere be what young master Nut said aboot that thar EP:

Formally of pioneering Swedish Hip Hop outfit Up Hygh our boy Rick takes us back to the days when Hip Hop was all about getting high and partying, whilst blasting us into the future with his p-funk gamma rays guaranteed to get your head nodding. Invoking memories of when the Alkaholics used to ‘call their daddy a punk’ and Redman ‘travelled the milky way’, Predlude to 2012 is pure bugged out b-boy brilliance.

It features a whole bunch of people I've never heard of because I'm just not that deep including - KayDee, Force (oh wait actually I have heard of him), Aaron Phiri from Hearin' Aids, Leafnuts and Bud McNuggit (repping Sweden). If you're a bit deeper than me you've probably heard about Up Hygh who released a critically acclaimed album entitled Venus last year, it's the group our young funk hero was in before he branched out alone and formed The Deep Space 69 label. He has also collaborated with; Little Brother, Planet Asia, Hearin' Aid, Melo, Bas-1 and (Queen) Eska. He produces, he raps, and he sings. He's also very nice and has sent me FIVE EXCLUSIVES to give to y'all. Click here to download it!!!

*Disclaimer - no offence to anyone else but I prefer the stuff Funkenteller himself has been producing but for that you'll have to cop they EP out on itunes tomorrow because you can't even dodgy download it anywhere (I've checked)!

Here's the track listing for the exclusives-

1. B - Funkenteller & Andrue Cavaco, produced by Damon Frost (of Hearin' Aid)

2. Nightofthelivingcookieheadz - Funkenteller & Bud McNuggit (of Supahumans), produced by Bud McNuggit

3. The Great Depression - Funkenteller & Bud McNuggit, also produced by Bud McNuggit.

4. Slow Down - Funkenteller
NB - Funkenteller informed me "The beat was made by a guy I found on myspace. I really digged his shit but unfortunately he took waaay to long time to mix it...This is my original mix"

5. Unity - Funkenteller;
"Same thing as Slow Down, but this one he never even mixed, I even think he stopped answering my e-mails...the song is still pretty cool even though it never got 100% finished."

Now if that's not exclusive I don't know what is. COP THE EP here, here, or here.