Sexy twins...

Window Licker went totally over my head when it first came out but after being cast in a weird contemporary dance piece to it at Uni I fell in love...I know Aphex Twin might conjure images so bizarre I won't post them in case you can't sleep BUT...he (Richard D.James) makes gorgeous electro-porn and I love it. Don't worry - if you love hip hop and soul but you're not sure about electronic music this'll work for you (might mess with your brain a little is all).

I defy you not to love this song...thumps for my hip hop heads, but with added 80s French porn-pop vibes and Antibalas doing the bad thing style sound effects.

Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam

...and for the 2 people in the universe who haven't seen the legendary Window Licker video directed by the godly Chris Cunningham here you go...doesn't it make you want to go to LA?

Yeah I know you need this tune too now, here.

Oh and here's Flying Lotus fucking it UP live at Cargo back in April. All the screaming you can hear is me.

OHHHH I'm going to get you strung out when I drop the Good Ish mix, keep 'em crossed til then.