But which ONE are we?? You decide!! 

I've recently come across two covers of one of my favourite EVER songs, "We Are One" by Maze ft Frankie Beverly... The first cover being being done by Mike Phillips, an amazing Saxophonist with the ability to take your mind and soul on a journey so good, you never want it to end! If I'm not mistaken he came and did a surprise performance along side Vula at the last Lookout! which was simply breath taking. Being someone who used to play the Saxophone, I have a strong penchant for the beautiful, glistening, unmistakable instrument so I'm gonna try not to be bias whilst making my decision. The second cover is by a band I've recently come to love, a band who's urban brass appeal is growing stronger day by day. If you haven't guessed already, I'm talking about the Hot 8 Brass Band. They were at Cargo on thursday and I'm SO pissed I didn't get to go (If anyone did go please don't rub it in, I already know it was amazing). Those of you lost, confused and unfamiliar should get their album "Rock With The Hot 8 Brass Band" if you know what's good for you! 
Riiiiiight, I'm stuck... Although the original title track will forever remain solid as one of my favourites, these two newly discovered covers are doing it for me! Hot 8's rendition gives it that danceable factor that it never had before, which I believe will appeal to the vast majority whereas Phillips' cover stays true to the subtlety and mellowness of the original but still manages to give the kick some may say it was lacking before. Both tracks are amazingly righteous in their own right but I'm failing to make up my mind as to which I prefer. Neither cover have any vocals which is part of why I love the original so much but even without the vocals of Frankie Beverly, the man who claims to have a violin for a voice, the covers still manage to do the original serious justice without offended it in anyway.
I can't decide so I'm gonna leave this one to the public.

In chronological order we have for you...

Which ONE are you?!?!

By the way Maze ft Frankie Beverly are performing at the Hammersmith Apollo come September 21st. It WILL be an indescribable night full of amazing music and good vibes. I have their live albums but never actually seen them live so it will be a great experience for me and anyone who wants to join me so start saving them pennies as tickets are a bit pricey but OH so worth it :D... I swear I will go by myself if need be... This band haven't touched UK soil in how long!? I'm not letting this pass me by and you shouldn't either!