I was walking past a poster under the bridge in Shoreditch and stopped short - Busta Rhymes at the Albert Hall? Weird. So I had a little dig around - you can't buy the tickets. You can't win the tickets. You can volunteer for them! Check out this link to Orange Rock Corps...you volunteer 4 hours of your time to a community project and then you get a ticket to see Busta Rhymes at the Albert Hall on September 26th. I think that's a wicked idea and I've already signed up - the project I think I'm on (tbc) is working at Guide Dogs for the Blind in Woodford on August 24th - if you want a seat near your mates you have to volunteer at the same project on the same day as them so if you want to come with me sign up!

*I was going to put up a pic of Busta but I think you know what he looks like.