Arvo Pärt. An experiment.

I promise you I am not being pretentious. I studied contemporary dance at university and we were forever listening to all types of music to use when choreographing work. My final piece was to Cantus in Memoriam by Arvo Pärt (previous music I used included Dabrye, Bjork and Vytautas Barkauskas). I think this piece of music in particular is absolutely incredible and if ever I need to feel peaceful or clear headed I play it. I also find it heart heartrendingly sad.

What I would like to know is this...a lot of hip hoppers read this blog from what I can ascertain. If you don't often listen to classical music can you identify with or enjoy this piece? The hypnotic and repetitive nature of it, the jazz influences, (that he was ahead of the massive beard game), the simple but beautiful harmonies and the fact it was only made in 1977 make me curious.
Download and let's see...
Cantus in Memoriam (Ode to Benjamin Britten)