Brian Wilson, Benjamin Zephaniah, SeaSick Steve, Martha Wainwright, &, The Mules...

...what more can a girl ask for? i guess the cab could deliver them to my door. my! how much fun we would have.

i hope you've all heard of the black cab sessions, if not, please get yourself acquainted. the vision is simple; music in motion, strictly no re-takes.

as someone currently developing her solo material, i fully endorse this concept, i find nothing more powerful than hearing the essence of a song. no fireworks! just music please.
the moment i was asked to produce a demo - i dried up like the red sea: i had no clue how i was supposed to capture 'my sound'. for as long as i could keep their expectations at bay, i have fought with the music industry's demand for songwriters to record & distribute their music. at the time, i thought i was being unique, beneath the surface; i found myself feeling trapped, uninspired, and, overwhelmed by the subsequent loss of focus, and creative wishy-washiness produced by a misappropriated creative comfort that comes with defining the work i make through contemporary genres. it's not because i'm a rebel non-conformist but because i'm just too stupid to understand how genres are defined and feel as though i'm setting my audience up for disappointment, i mean - it's not quite 'R n B' is it?

nope. i don't qualify. but hey, i'm no beyonce or her marketing officer.
still, i do what i do until it's done and when it's done; don't ask me to explain it. it's why i love about the black cab concept; there's only room for a song.

sometimes, we creative folk focus too much attention on exacting this (superficial) aspect of our musical/creative work, often to the detriment of our development as performers and composers. a total waste of time and energy. songs die when they are forced to live as images, or branding, or silly i.d tags. public/cultural/social acceptance is an undeniable aspect of our humanity and influence on our sector, yet too much self monitoring o
nly means we're well monitored - it does nothing for 'the cause' and if i'm honest it makes me forget my reason and purpose in mooosic.

this little girl simply wants to write at least one song that says nothing more, or less than 'i love singing', or, 'i love music'. if i could be a genre, or tick a box: that would be it. anything else is beyond me, because there's nothing more powerful than hearing the essence of a song. simple, honest and effective.

anyway, i digress, and withal, a toast to the essence of the thing i create for- long live the song!