Give the drummer some

I've had the new Black Milk tune Give the Drummer Some on repeat for days and days now - I'll put the link up for a limited time.

Whilst we're on the subject though - I just wanted to share some footage of awesome female drummers with you just in case you hadn't seen...

Chaka Khan - I can't help but watch this with a sharp intake of breath as she walks up (my brain saying 'no pressure love'!). I love Chaka Khan - she can do no wrong. Here's proof.

This one I find a little hard to watch. The incredibly talented and full of life Karen Carpenter - pitch perfect voice but considered herself 'a drummer who sang'. This was filmed 7 years before she died of anorexia nervosa - age 32. Thanks to Eric for the tip off on this one.

Lastly - it had to be. The legendary Sheila E!