Kokayi - Less Talk More Walk

I love the saying – “there are only two kinds of music, good and bad”. Kokayi [his name means to summon the people] seems to abide by that mantra because there’s nothing he doesn’t make – hip hop, soul, electronica, rock, funk, minimalist house, Afro punk, ghetto tech, the list goes on…the thing it all has in common? It’s damn good.

We rep the DMV hard on this blog and Kokayi is easily one of the best examples of why. I love any artist who does everything – if you can rap, sing, beatbox, write songs, play instruments, produce, and put on a great live show you’re a rare breed. Pharrell (mmm, maybe not the singing) & Cee-Lo are the best examples of artists of this caliber that spring to mind, and when I speak to other people I know who’ve seen Kokayi perform live they put him right up there. One artist in particular I can't really name said “Kok is just amazing on stage - one minute he’s rapping, then he’ll just break out singing - and he can really sing, he has this real powerful gospel voice – it’s just crazy!”

He’s been a busy man – touring Europe & the Middle East with his band Opus Akoben, (don’t worry the London show is coming), he released a solo self-produced album called Mass Instructions last November, has a rock band called the Caesarz, is working with DJ Sharkey as Dastardly, and DJ Roddy Rod (another one of my favourites – so underrated and so heavy) as FOTO.

He sent me through some exclusive cuts for you guys to check out and I’ve been really struggling to pick 10 favourites. Have a listen – I get NERD, Outkast, Cee Lo, Antibalas, Arovane, Bjork, and all kinds of other tasty vibes from these tunes. Check them out then do yourself a big favour and cop Mass Instructions – you need it on your shelf.

I’m calling this one - Less Talk More Walk – click to download.