Why some rappers SHOULD sing...

I was reading this article about why rappers shouldn't sing - please don't let Kanye ruin it for everybody. Setting aside the man's constant outbursts (he better hope he doesn't need anyone on the way down), recent photographer beating incident, and the time he came in my shop and behaved like an arse I'm sure he's lovely. I agree wholeheartedly with the article however - I think his new single Love Lockdown is just ego tripping, I don't care what kind of swagger he's got, he also has ears. I actually like the music on the track but if you sound worse than Teddy Riley you should probably leave it alone.
There are plenty of rappers out there who can sing, and for some reason a lot of them keep it very quiet. Apparently it's seen as 'gay' by some - personally I think it's fear. As I mentioned earlier, Kokayi and Cee-Lo are great examples, also Phonte from Little Brother and - yes, Dilla...

With "Nag Champa," which was either the first or the second song for Like Water for Chocolate, we had it for a long time with no chorus. We kept trying but there wasn't nothing good coming out. I took T3 and them to the studio to work with me on the chorus; T3 started chanting something, he didn't finish, but he had a little idea. Jay Dee heard and started really singing it and got it together. Jay had an incredible voice-he actually was going to do a singing album. We used to talk about that when he would stay in LA.

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Yep - Fall N Love, Serious as Your Life Is, Eve, Baby, loads of your favourite choruses were him singing (you may already know but I didn't, Layla from Deviation informed me the other day).

What I'd definitely never seen was Black Thought singing!

So go ahead - if you can rap we won't think less of you if you can sing as well, we'll be most impressed. Just don't do it badly or we'll rip you to shreds.