Carl Craig - Cité de la Musique

This is incredible.
Carl Craig - electronics 
François Xavier Roth - MD & Conductor
Siècles Orchestra
Cité de la Musique, Paris 18/10/08

cheers beane for this!
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on another entirely unrelated note....

The nobel prize for chemistry was awarded to three scientists in America this month for their contribution to research into a special protein that glows (first found in jelly fish!)...This is one of the most important discoveries in biological science over the past 20 years for reasons i wont bore you with. But you can basically do this:

A Man named Douglas Prasher was the first to clone this glowing protein... but he lost his funding  basically because no one saw a future in it....
3 other guys asked him for the clone... Prasher agreed, glad that others were actually interested....
these 3 went on to win the nobel prize for chemistry 2008

Prasher now drives a shuttle bus for a Toyota dealership in Huntsville, Alabama.