I have no problem folding up my dignity and setting it aside for this post. I've admitted many many times that 10 years ago I was a 15 year old R&B chick. That means I loved LL Cool J - it wasn't my fault, I personally think it was unavoidable and an unfortunate biological certainty. If you never experienced the DJ dropping Doin It in an R&B club in the late 90s I have to say - you missed out. The things we got up to just make me cringe and blush (I realise I sound 85 years old but I do recall a mate staring so hard he fell down the stairs of the Escape in Brighton - though it was waaay more innocent than current dancefloor etiquette I understand).
I won't say where I was to protect others reputations but I heard this remix of Doin it (Eric Sermon I believe?) on someones itunes this week and *anonymous* was telling me about the 1996 VMA awards where LL & LeShaun were on stage on a motorbike performing erm, it, and I just had to post. I've searched high and low but can't find the footage (just the audio which is amazing) and I'm so gutted - if anyone can help I'll love you forever! I did on my search find LOADS of hilarious footage though.
This is too much - if LL's scared you know she's a hoe!

I also found this. I suggest you watch it with the sound off because it's terrible quality but that's not really the point...gents you might not want to watch this.

I still get goosebumps when I hear it - I feel 15 and erm, some other things I won't talk about (not because of LL anymore, but the music). I actually don't feel that bad about loving it because it comes from the extremely dope My Jamaican Guy by Grace Jones. Enjoy - I might just have to upload a 90s baby making music mix for you to pretend not to like.