McNasty Filth

I'm still a little buzzy from Friday night, Frank n Dank performed live at Plastic People and me and the crew were at the front nice and early, ready to go. The crowd was...interesting (I'll leave it at that)...but it wasn't long before we all got to neck grasping, screw faced and sweaty to the sounds of What Up, McNasty Filth (pure madness), Eve, Clap Hands and Puff Puff Pass. It was Take Dem Clothes Off which brought out the raw angry man in all of us - including the ladies. I have no idea what Frank n Danks' female fans are like around the rest of the world but in London we don't exactly get it all out and start wiggling, which may be disappointing for some. Friday was pure sausage. I'm sure *I shouldn't but I love the video for McNasty Filth - here's a l'il link to the making of clip but I'm posting the video...don't watch it if you're easily offended by er, anything.

Last time I saw F&D was November 2005 at Dilla's legendary last gig at the Jazz Cafe. We were all pretty distressed that night since most of us had no idea how ill the man was, and when he was carried down those stairs in a wheelchair, and was clearly working hard just to hold the mic for a few songs it all got very real. I can't imagine how tough that tour was for everyone around him, and I don't know if I could watch the Eurpoean Vacation dvd, despite my curiosty. Share with me if you were there - or if you weren't!

I can't find any footage from the night I went (pre-camera phone videos) and to be honest I don't know if I'd want to post it anyway. Here's a night I wish I'd been at instead. Dilla & Madlib at the Jazz Cafe in May 2004.

Big shout outs to Dank for rocking with food poisoning, Tony & Gavin (and Sue!) from Burnt Progress, Dopeness Galore, Alexander Nut for his magnificent birthday set (and for not hurting the random guy who thought the decks were a toy), but most of all my partners in crime...

*Note: I know I've been pretty anti-booty videos at times but for some reason this is all so extra, funny and 'diverse' it actually strikes me as a bit of a pastiche.