Red Bull Music Academy 08 - Barca!

I've just been on the Red Bull Music Academy site for over an hour, wondering how the lovely Fatima is getting on, but there was so much to see I had to stay. As most I'm sure you all know RBMA is a yearly collection of (generally) some of the most obscenely talented up and coming artists from around the world and this year Fatima (if you don't know about her I really don't know how you've managed that one - if not check this wicked interview with the gyal on Black N Bling) is in Barcelona with the crew.

Also in attendance this year repping UK is Jamie Woon. I think one of my first posts on here was about how much I love Jamie - I still do, maybe even more. Here's why:

This year as ever they have some crazy guests and lecturers - the Barca crew got CHUCK D!!! I'm really annoyed I can't embed the video but you should definitely watch his lecture - and check out Fatima's face - pure rapture! One thing I did find was Exile on his MPC live - and I thought I'd seen some sh*t.

I'll try and get some more info from Barca for you, I find the RBMA fascinating and so exciting - the collaborations that have come out of it from so many of the artists (even contributors!) we talk about on this blog are just crazy.