SoundSpecies @ Gramaphone

Last night I headed down to a night featuring an insane line up put together by Loud Minority - Ahu, Bullion, Paul White, Alexander Nut, Alex Chase, Mr Beatnick, Floating Points and Sound Species (who I kicked myself for missing at Plastic People last month & were my main reason for heading down).
I haven't been to Gramaphone for anything but Deviation for a while so wasn't quite sure what to was refreshing to see a really different crowd and the raised platform at the back once again transformed in to the red light special stage (you might remember Eric Lau & the crew's legendary Deviation session earlier this year). It makes for a very intimate atmosphere (*NB if you are going out straight from work on a Friday please pack some deodorant in your back pack, that was intense).
I arrived late as per usual, with far too many hellos to say & full of far too much amazing food cooked by Stac & Abi - not just two of the most exciting soulstresses around but damn fine chefs as well - and I was unfocused on the first part of SS's set. Floating Points informed me I'd missed some amazing beats but I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of what I felt was a beautifully put together yet organic and diverse live session. If you walked past the guys from SoundSpecies in the street you really wouldn't guess at the serious talent they're working with. I've been listening to bits online but nothing's ever going to jump out of your computer and enchant your ears like live sax & flute (and what seemed to be a veritable arsenal of instruments lurking in the depths) - I was really torn between head down absorption and awed scrutiny...most excellent. Yah.
This was followed up later by a mesmerising performance from Ahu with Mr Beatnick on the decks. She has this ability to make me feel sad, curious & a need to shock out all at the same time. By the time she got to I Know All The Bitches I managed to refrain from killing the loud Irish bird at the back and realised just how long I'll want to sing along to that song - a modern classic. Just wish she'd done the spoken part at the end...and all the remix versions...but at least she kicked off rapping most of Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill!

All of this made it much easier when I bumped in to Will & Ray (*two of the most discerning party rockers I know) at the bus stop who claimed the Room 4 Movement 2000Black "A Next Set A Rockers" album launch party (Dego + Kaidi holding it down on the decks all night apparently) was the party they'd been searching for all year. Ouch. I need to mutate.

*If anyone has photos of last night let me know, I was too busy dancing.