The biggest party bangers for the biggest party of 2008 (er, we hope!)

I normally find these round ups boring unless you get something out of it - so here's the deal.
  • Pick your top 5 party tunes of the year in comments below this post
  • If you're anonymous write a name in the comment so you can enter the competiton
  • If you can't choose & there were a couple by the same artist you can put them as an either/or
  • The best gets their name + 1 on the (extremely limited) guest list for the Put Me On It party.
  • I'll forward the whole list on to the DJs and if they can fit them in they will (I did pick these guys because they're amazing though so regardless this is going to be off the hook - bring kicks, a sweat rag, fan, change of clothes, deodorant - whatever you need).
  • This competition closes on Tuesday 16th December