I checked out the new video from Tor for Going Home the other day & it was featuring two female MCs - Envy & Pariz 1. I really rate Tor - wicked MC, she's great live & a really nice person but something just hit me about Envy when I heard this tune and I keep coming back to it.

From her look & style I imagine she's going to have to deal with the Lady Sov. comparisons but to be honest I don't think that's such a bad thing. I wasn't a huge fan of Lady Sovereigns' music myself but I thought she had talent & could definitely see her appeal - pity she was shoved in to the US market with loads of marketing and no preparation then left to drown. Envy comes from a battle background so I can't imagine she's easily fazed - this is her winning the most recent Hip Hop Connection freestyle battle against Mickey Negro. Pause it & let it buffer, then scroll through to 3:30 unless you enjoy talentless people humiliating each other with their own wackness.

To be honest I'm not really feeling the quality of production on a lot of her stuff but you get a picture of her lyrical prowess and talent on Tongue Twister (below), and if you go to her myspace www.myspace.com/envy06 check out Sometimes I Think Deep which is a tune - wonder if she'll live to regret the "Fuck T4" lyric though...