Wale vs Afrikan Boy

Everyone was talking about Wale's UK Freestyle this week (clk to download, care of Always Hustle). Well...I'd rather talk about a different freestyle that's been doing the rounds for a while - by Afrikan Boy (Olushola Ajose). It's rare that I beat my drum about representing where you're from, but most of us Nigerians have precious few people who've really made it that we can truly be proud of so it's a big deal. Olubowale Folarin Victor Akintimehin (Wale), seems to be very concerned with the DMV (although you wouldn't know it from his accent?) and yet I haven't heard him talk about Naija. Fair enough he was born in the States, so maybe he doesn't feel very connected - but if your entire family is Nigerian I find that hard to envision.
All of that aside, I find African Boy extremely entertaining (you may have heard him with M.I.A. on this track - Hussel featured on her most recent album Kala), and I will be heading to Bardens Boudoir in Dalston on Jan 30th to catch his show. Definitely going to hit Suya Express first - who's in?