The most offensive blog post of '09

...but I really don't care, I'll take you all on.

I just visited a certain blog - (and I'm not about to give them the publicity by saying which one, this post will be without hyperlinks) and they've posted the Newham Generals video for "Bell Dem Slags". No thoughts about it, no commentary, just the video. I don't know if you've had the misfortune to come across that 'song' but I'm not afraid to give my personal opinion about it right here. I think is a sensationalist, devoid of artistic merit, purposefully offensive, juvenile, pathetic, attention seeking piece of worthlessness which I would normally completely ignore. The reason I refuse to ignore it is this: I just Googled 'Bell Dem Slags' - and no one is saying what they think about it, they're just posting the video on their blogs (aside from a couple of forums for discussion that popped up).

Posting offensive music (especially when the whole point of it seems to be to cause offense) on your blog and not saying what you think about it makes you a tacitly implicit supporter of it. You may not agree with me, but blogging is a form of promotion, so even if you personally don't like the message, by posting the music you are promoting it through your actions unless you say otherwise. I sincerely hope that the reason I haven't seen anyone writing about this song in a critical or analytical context yet is because people would rather not give it the publicity (normally I'm with you on that), not because they're scared to give their opinion on their own blogs or that PR people will stop sending them free music (aka easy content). I'm truly shocked & disappointed at some of the blogs who have silently posted that song - as a (former) subscriber I am offended - by the lyrics, the video and by your lack of balls.

*Amelia Idehs last will and testament: my sister, boyfriend & friends can split my stuff between you, you can probably sell some of my kicks & furniture to help pay for the funeral. Oh yeah, donate my organs & cremate me please. Thanks, love you all!