Yellowtail ft Jeni Fujita - Over It

I find myself singing this song constantly, it was featured on the first Brownwood Bubblers CD but I don't have that, just vols 2 & 3 (it's on my 'I want' list). I got it from the Every Dog Has Its Day mix CD by DJ Odin (clck the link, visit his myspace to download the lovingly assembled & track markered mix & get this song). I remember thinking, 'oooh nice mix', and then it got trapped under an avalanche of other music and I forgot about it, but I'm rinsing it right now.

Yellowtail is very much doing his thing, with releases on a huge range of soulful beat driven labels, plus collabos with Eska, Jose James, and Alison Crockett to name but a few. The divine, hypnotic, brain melting tones on this track (soul-shivery arrangements, ow!) are from Jeni Fujiyama, who has worked as a backing singer for Pink, Lauryn Hill (the doo wops on That Thing), Wyclef, John Forte, Joss Stone & Amy Winehouse to name but a few. Dropped from her deal with Sony, Jeni is currently doing her own thing, this year she released This Little Light of Mine, her debut album. I wanna hear her sing in Japanese! Funny, this particular song reminded me of Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon long before I knew where Jeni was from...

Jeni Fujita