Spotify, I love you

The wonderful Ralegh Long of Patrick Hamilton, no relation to Lewis Hamilton, and Rose Dougall & The Distractions has been obsessing over Spotify for a long time now. He sent me an invite before it was fully accessible to us normal folk and I thought it was pretty groovy, but just groovy and no more than groovy, until today.
I have just read that U2's new album is now available through Spotify in conjunction with the Guardian. Simply click on the following link, because you won't find it through a standard spotify search, et voila! No Line Through The Horizon' will either pleasure or pall on you in no time at all, and they'll be no line through your horizon....*cackle* Pretty darn cool, eh?
Now, about that photo: Michael Jackson is rumored to play a series of gigs at the O2 Arena (Again). I know we've heard this one before but it's the King of Pop people. The KING OF POP!! All I've heard is a 30 day run, in July. JULY!! I wasn't told which July but I hope he's well enough to play because I've never seen him perform and I simply can't wait.
I wish I had a time machine. All together now: "Where did you come from Baby, And ooo won't you take me there right away, won't you my my baby..."