Chris Read - "The Diary Volume 1.5 (20 Years of the Remix)" Remixtape

How much do you love hip hop? Whatever your answer was you should probably add "but not as much as Chris Read does" to the end of it. If you don't know, Chris has been inspiring dance floors for many many years, and a lot of DJs coming up right now will tell you that he's the reason they're doing what they're doing.
I was completely blown away by The Diary Vol. 1 - "A chronological mix of the genre's landmark recordings by order of release from 1979-2007. 801 records in the blend! " the attention to detail was mind altering, it's the kind of thing you could only put together if you devoted 15-20 years to it, and every part of it reflected that (I sometimes find myself flipping through the booklet in wonder). I'm the first person to admit I'm not up on old school hip hop the way I should be, and I've never enjoyed educating myself as much as I do when I stick this mix on & let it play (after digging out my pro shells & combing out my 'fro whilst top rocking really badly).
Somehow Chris is back a year later with another carefully crafted masterpiece for you (for free again??!) and you can get your lucky little mitts on it HERE.